freestyle, any style dancing; great fun, great exercise





Sue                          Healing

I reached for you
Samba NGO   out of the Congo
my feet flying
arms reaching and
the blend of the music
shaped me to reach up to you

Can't Stop Now
Eddie Shaw   Chicago
I was dancing like crazy
and you and the rest of the Universe
were in my moving bones
It felt so good
can't stop now

At the beginning I reached up for you
then at the end
Forbidden Forest
first song
one of the quiet parts
I was twirling
arms up in a slow spin
and there you were
your face
and then your whole presence
floating down

all of you
went through me
something I knew
and I was dancing

Thank you

2007 Bill Eberle
for my sister, Sue




Also available in a free PDF eBook dedicated to my sister.




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