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Learning to dance for yourself (2)      About Dance



Sometimes not being able to hear and not being able to move is the important thing to accept and let happen. You can simply stop. And listen. And wait. Until some part of you wants to move. And so it does, and so you do . . . somehow, somewhere . . . and then you're moving and then you're dancing. Sometimes being clumsy is the important thing to accept and let happen. And more beautiful than anything else you could ever possibly do because it is really you.

When you're reaching out to and moving new parts of yourself, when you're reaching out to new connections between yourself and what you feel, it's impossible to not be clumsy sometimes . . . but that clumsiness is you discovering you and you discovering your connections to everything that is not you and it's wonderful.

Sometimes you will suddenly be amazed and laugh at what is happening. And sometimes you won't think or be conscious of anything at all. You'll just dance and have fun.

Any honest starting place is a good starting place. For all of us, there is always so much for us to learn. Honest dancing is one of those possible starting places. It's a gift that is part of us; it's fun and it's always free.





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