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Learning to dance for yourself (1)      About Dance



Discovering how to dance for yourself can be a learning process. It's real. There is no way to fake it. It's just you. And there is nothing you have to try to do.

Simply stop trying; listen and feel and trust yourself. Let go, let your body move. If you move and it feels right, move some more. If you move and it doesn't feel right, stop.

Just listen and relax. Move when you want to and keep moving in any way and at any speed that "feels right" . . . you really can trust your body to know what it wants to do.

You have thousands of places in you that want to dance. Move one part of you and then another, then both together, then another and another. Don't think. Just let go and move. Let the music you are hearing play you. Let your movements play the music.

And evey time you dance honestly and freely, you will learn something. Not in your head, but somewhere in the intelligent parts of yourself that won't forget, parts of you that will discover something new and will remember.






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