freestyle, any style dancing; great fun, great exercise





Some thoughts about dance       About Dance

When you are in a special place, a place with lots of space to move yourself around in, a place like the sweet, well used dance studio at the Lincoln Street Center, or the wonderful old auditorium at Watts Hall in Thomaston or . . . there many wonderful dance spaces and dancers in the Midcoast Maine area,

and when you can stop and just listen to music, to any kind of music, and when you can simply relax and let your body do what it wants to do and let yourself forget about what you might look like, forget to judge what is right or wrong, forget about what doesn't work or about what hurts, and just let your body and every part of you simply be honest and respond to what you hear and feel in whatever way that feels right to you


     . . . you will be dancing.


Sometimes it's a learning process . . . It's always a wonderful, free, gift.



Come dance with us!   for fun and exercise